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Project Description

What is it?
The PeekyPokey is a multipurpose programmable I/O and virtual COM port board for interfacing with various other electronic devices from a PC environment. This project is about programming the PeekyPokey board and how to use it with electronics.

This is what the hardware rev. 2.2 looks like:

PeekyPokey rev. 2.2

What does it do?
It can be used for evaluation, prototyping, debugging, programming, emulation, experimentation and exploration in interfacing with various other electronic devices. These tasks can all be performed in a familiar PC programming environment - at an entry level  or as a  professional tool.

Here's a few example of things you can use PeekyPokey for:

  • Controlling relays
  • Driving R/C servos
  • Reading RFID card and tags
  • Playing songs on MIDI enabled instruments or sound modules
  • Reacting on physical switches / buttons
  • Writing text on an LCD display
  • Driving a stepper motor
  • Breadboard power supply +5V and 3.3V
  • USB to serial converter
  • More examples... 

Who's it for?
PeekyPokey is suitable as a tool for hobbyists, professionals and students within digital electronics and embedded programming. Users need not be electronics scholars, nor coding experts.

First and foremost, PeekyPokey is about exploring, playing, learning and having fun with digital electronics. It's a great entry level board for curious beginners but can also be used for more serious stuff.

How does it work?
The board connects to a PC using a USB cable and comes with an extensive API (application programmer’s interface) - a piece of software in the form of a .NET assembly which can be used with any .NET language including C# and VB.NET. The board and accompanying software enables control and interfacing of all kinds of external hardware like relays, servos, ICs, microcontrollers, LCD displays and serial enabled devices in general to name just a few.

Hardware specs
Guide to getting started
Example projects (with tutorials) 

In a typical scenario, application code running on a PC uses the PeekyPokey board to interface with external electronics through USB.

Typical applications

The software API uses a standard USB HID interface to control the I/O while the virtual COM port can be used simultaneously in combination or independently.

Where to buy this thing?
Just in case you're wondering, PeekyPokey ships world wide from this re-seller only:

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