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Currently the PeekyPokey API only runs on Windows XP (SP3+), Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Installation is a snap, just download and install the software below as needed. Then refer to the Getting Started Guide and you'll be up and running in no time.

The GPIO functionality uses the generic HID interface which does not require a driver - however, the virtual COM port feature does.

Virtual COM port driver

Here's the latest release of the PeekyPokey software API:

PeekyPokey API version

To get going, you will also need Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or later versions. The free Express version can be downloaded here:

Visual Studio Express 2010
Visual Studio Express 2012

You can of course also use any of the corresponding commercial versions. Please refer to the Getting Started Guide on how to get on with creating your first PeekyPokey project.

What about other platforms?
However not tested yet, The PeekyPokey hardware is supposedly compatible with both Mac and Linux (including Raspberry Pi) operating systems (provided there's support for composite USB devices). You are encouraged to try it and report back on your findings - naturally, you are also more than welcome to implement your own API for any platform.

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